Saint Mary’s Giving Tree – COVID Style

Normally, at this time of the year, we put up our Christmas tree and decorate it with tags for local agencies that have members in need.

However, with the pandemic this year, we have modified the program for everyone’s safety. This modification will allow us to still give a gift for others in need, but in a simplified fashion. We are asking that you purchase a gift card listed below. Please put it in an envelope labeled with the name of the organization that you would like the gift card to go to. You can drop the envelopes in the basket at mass or in the mailbox outside the church office. We will run the program this weekend through December 5th. Please drop off your gift cards by December 5th.

Gilead House $25 to Stop & Shop, Walmart or a gas card
Social Services for Families $25 to Walmart, Stop & Shop and Shoprite
Birthright $25 to Walmart, Target or Old Navy
CVH $25 to Ocean State Job Lot or Walmart
St. Vincent de Paul Place $10 to Walmart or Stop & Shop + a 1 pound box of candy
St. Mary’s needy Families $25 to Kohls, Walmart, Stop & Shop and Shoprite
Bare Necessities $25 to CVS or Walgreens
Social Services for Clinton Children $25 to Ocean State or Walmart
Veterans $25 to Ocean State or Walmart
Catholic Charities $25 to Walmart, Target and Amazon gift cards
Estuary Council of Old Saybrook $25 to Walmart or Stop & Shop

Thank you for your participation! Have a blessed, Merry Christmas, knowing that you have brought cheer into the heart of an unknown friend!

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