A Thanksgiving Message

My dear brothers and sisters,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Each and every year we are given another opportunity to pause as a nation to display our unicity and the love we have for our country, but this day, far from being a secular celebration, was entirely directed to God Our Father. An entire nation of people was asked for this one day of the year to pause in thanksgiving for all the blessings both received and imagine by our ancestors. This was a day when the entire country regardless of one’s religious background, spiritual proclivities, that as a nation we would offer our gratitude to Almighty God for the beautiful land that he brought the pilgrims. Wars, famines, disease… not a one of these realities was absented for those who honored God on this special day. We can do no less for in doing so would cause us to fail in our serious obligation to be grateful. If it is at all possible after having so many that have suffered, is it possible that we can be thankful this year for experiencing the best examples of Christian love? From those that work in the hospitals, for those whom are keeping our schools active, and for all government officials that discharge their duties always looking out for the best interest of God’s people.

At this moment, all of us must recognize that there are and have been people working day and night to eliminate the suffering that has been experienced all over the world. Let us remember those individuals who every day pray for the wellbeing of all of us.

If we call ourselves Catholic, we must avoid even the appearance of being part of any activity that increases violence and disrespect of any kind. We must be supportive of those who protect us. We must be accepting of the fact that, in any human endeavor, that endeavor is always bequeathed to frail human beings. We cannot forget that we ask so few to protect so many that are willing to go to places that you and I are not. We must be part of the solution.

So, on Thanksgiving, let us acknowledge all that is good, holy and noble. We must reflect on the important words of one of our greatest presidents that as a nation we have a duty to work to make a more perfect union. God bless each and every one of you. You are never out of our thoughts and prayers as your priests. Daily, all of your cares are placed upon the altar in full confidence that God will prevail. Please pray for your priests.

No one is to assume that they cannot call for the priest. We have given our lives to you and for you, and we are never to be excluded from the opportunity to bring the sacraments, the mysteries of the church, to you.

Begging God’s blessing upon our nation and this parish,
we are in Jesus Christ alone

Fr. Michael Giannitelli and Fr. Juan Angel Aguirre